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Band (german)

Zero Degree was formed in 2006 by Pascal, Tobias and Thomas. Up to that, the three were part of other bands, but they decided to look for a new challenge. Their purpose was to create music in the style of In Flames, Dark Tranquillity and Iron Maiden. To recreate their music and harmonized guitar sounds live, they consequently needed three guitarists. Over the course of the year André, Maik and Sebastian joined the band.

The now complete line-up played their first shows in 2007. Throughout their career the guys were able to share the stage with bands from different genres of Metal. These included Eisregen, Maroon, Mercenary, Deadlock, Suidakra and Anima.

In 2007 the band produced their first demo 'The Storm and the Silence' which was mainly used as promotion on MySpace and for concert promoters. At the end of 2009 they went into the studio to record their debut CD. It is called 'Surreal World' and came out on October 23 2010.

Zero Degree is:
André - Bass
Pascal - Guitar
Thomas - Vocals
Tom - Drums
Maik - Guitar
Sebastian - Guitar